3D Modeling

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Guarantee Electrical integrates constructability analysis into every preconstruction project. Our “brand” of constructability blends the use of technology with practical knowledge, and greatly expands Guarantee’s value on the job to facility owners. We collect and apply cost-saving ideas from project designers, managers, field supervisors and craft workers to improve installations and reduce costs. We also translate building plans using Building Information Modeling (BIM), Revit® and three-dimensional (3D) CAD modeling to detect potential clashes in structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems, and make needed changes before construction begins. We also apply these skills to facility additions, where needed alignments and space restrictions make accurate, comprehensive planning particularly valuable. We achieve field efficiency by combining detailed installation plans for on-site use, prepared as often as once a day, with on site robotic modeling through our use of Trimble GPS Navigation® technology.

Guarantee expands the benefits of its constructability analysis by applying lean construction methods to facilitate working relationships with each trade, develop realistic build schedules,St. Louis Electrical Contractor and effectively understand and communicate the construction process to everyone involved. Together, constructability and lean construction disciplines virtually eliminate system conflicts and costly surprises that can occur with less intensive pre-planning. Merging design and engineering with field experience and vice versa helps Guarantee deliver superior design and construction services, with particular benefits for owners of such systems-intensive facilities as data centers, hospitals and high-rise structures.

Guarantee’s value equation is sustained in the field during construction, easily accommodating needed owner changes during the installation process, with engineers and designers working in CAD-equipped trailers on site to respond quickly.

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