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We could call it a tradition like no other, and wouldn’t be wrong. But it might be taking ourselves too seriously.  No need to start doing that now after thirty-one years that Guarantee’s annual Greetings message has provided a wacky bit of Christmas cheer, with giggles aplenty at our own expense.

While, as a company with a reputation for innovation and creative craftsmanship there’s no reason to shun the limelight…

Because—and this is the fun part—we have our cartoonist, John Blair Moore, to thank for another irreverent take in his thirty-first GECO Christmas card, never having repeated himself nor us in the offing.  So that, each year, though poor R2D2 may find this shocking, John’s ideas continue to be “un-eclipsed” as our customers and friends look forward to another oxymoron in an envelope of a familiar surprise.

Consider these few examples from yesteryear…


Our greetings sometimes call playful attention to the good work we’d recently accomplished in one of our important vertical markets, hospital and healthcare facilities construction…



Nor, as was the case in 2004, could we fail to commemorate the original assurance that the lights would stay on for St. Louis’s for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition or the 1904 World’s Fair, all while sneaking in as well a reference to some highly relevant recent work on the nearby expansion of Metrolink.


And in keeping with the observance of anniversaries, as in 2012, recollecting 110 years of turning on the lights at iconic landmarks such as the original St. Louis Art Museum and its completed expansion that year, with a small celebration of our “Many Strengths, One Guarantee” motto.

Nor would we ever forget to celebrate the completed ten year transfer in 2015 of Guarantee Electrical Company to 100 percent Employee Ownership.  The New Card is coming and as they say, it’s in the mail.

So what’s in store for this year you may ask?  Well, certain things will always remain constant.  The sun will rise in the morning, the moon will shine at night and we will have a galactic card sure to eclipse all others this year.  In short, we will shed some light on it in the not too distant future.

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