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As 2018 begins we look at the New Year with a renewed vision of our company’s past and future.  In order to get this right, we thought we’d begin by investigating the deeper meaning of our enduring tag-line, Many Strengths. One Guarantee.  To make this exercise as valuable as possible, we asked as many people as we could here at Guarantee to tell us what they understand are the “many strengths” that combine to fulfill that most important promise, our One Guarantee.

We invited input from every level in the company: veteran employees and relative newcomers, managers and office staff, field electricians and warehouse personnel. The list that emerged was reinforced by the number of times that certain core competencies showed up as priorities.  A consensus emerged that there’s a core list of twelve strengths, as follows:

1.  Experience

2.  Innovation

3.  Safety

4.  Efficiency

5.  Trust

6.  Cohesion

7.  Collaboration

8.  Consistency

9.  Reliability

10. Community

11. Entrepreneurship

12. People

To watch a short video of our 12 findings click here.

Each is that each stands for an important reason why our customers choose to work with us—and just as importantly they represent important reasons why we show up every day to deliver what they stand for together with that promise which is our Guarantee.

In the coming months we will be exploring each of these strengths in more detail, culminating in that most important one of all, our people.

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