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River City Hotel & Convention Center

Location: St. Louis, MO
Client: Pinnacle Entertainment
Size: $4,200,000

An important feature of the River City Casino project involved provisioning The River City Hotel and Convention Center construction project marked the conclusion of a two part effort by Guarantee on behalf of Pinnacle Entertainment’s Hotel and Casino on the southern St. Louis River Front. The seven story, 200 room hotel proved to be a demonstration project for Guarantee’s capabilities as a provider of turnkey hospitality and gaming construction services. With up to 24 different styles of fixtures and a number of unique room design features, River City Hotel has become a leading entertainment and hospitality destination for the St. Louis area. 

Among the challenges Guarantee addressed was assuring customer access to the casino while hotel construction proceeded.  This entailed construction of a customer access corridor, fully lit, carpeted and heated to accommodate access for the hundreds of players and guests over the course of the project.  Placement of  this “tunnel” created a number of logistical challenges as it bisected the construction site and created essentially two completely separated job sites. Guarantee’s daily look-ahead approach proactively addressed the supply and delivery challenges posed by the barrier.  Elsewhere, the use of wiring mock-ups and prefabrication templates helped to standardize wiring placement of junction boxes receptacles to accommodate wiring and lighting the bath rooms and precise furniture schemes for the rooms.

Pinnacle’s fast track schedule for the River City hotel in the wake of the completion of the casino portion of the project led Guarantee to adopt  a number of labor-saving, schedule accelerating approaches, starting with an integrated project delivery approach that relied on daily look-ahead planning as the foundation of the company’s project management approach.  Beginning with in-ground distribution of power to save space and accelerate powering the hotel, Guarantee deployed a series of productivity enhancement solutions, including utilization of prefabrication techniques to standardize wiring of the 200 guest rooms. 

The River City Hotel was completed on time and on budget, thanks to Guarantee’s proactive, on the fly change management approaches and an extensive value engineering effort.  In addition, Guarantee’s  River City project team earned the Associated General Contractors’ 2013 Safety Award for performance of more than 45,000 man hours of electrical and systems construction service without an injury or lost time incident, an effort which involved working crews of up to 45 craftsmen working over a year on the project.

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