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St. Louis University A&S STEM Renovation Project - Morrissey & Shannon Halls

Location: St. Louis, MO
Client: St. Louis University
Size: $3,300,000

The Arts and Sciences and STEM renovation project at St. Louis University begun in the Spring of 2014 was conducted on an accelerated schedule to enable as closely as possible substantially full occupancy and operations by the start of the 2014/15 academic year the following September.  Complicating this objective was the lack of existing electrical plans as well as an assortment of obsolete or discontinued electrical equipment, necessitating preconstruction inspection and diagnostic to determine condition and usability of the equipment and wiring in both facilities. This exercise enabled Guarantee’s preconstruction team to identify opportunities to save on equipment and material costs with judicious upgrades to existing systems, renovating where possible and replacing where necessary key components in both buildings to deliver the desired performance efficiencies at a best possible cost.

Morrissey Hall - The Morrissey implementation was about preconstruction planning with judicious upgrades to a facility expected to accommodate a diversity of usage by multiple university departments.  Intensive front-end planning led to value delivered in the form of improvement and expansion of the existing systems, while adding new programmable lighting control panels and max-efficiency florescent lighting to bring substantial  energy efficiency to general building operations.

Shannon Hall - Upgrade at Shannon Hall involved providing a new 15KV-277/480V unit substation, cleaning the existing 2500-amp 120/208-volt main switchboard, and replacing panels, transformers and associated feeders using compact aluminum alloy for the main service, panels, and the large equipment required for both the Physics and Chemistry laboratories that would be using the building.

Applying a design-build approach to a renovation mission, Guarantee made abundant use of its preconstruction capabilities to pre-plan, stage and execute the accelerated schedule required to achieve the University’s objectives.  Among the applied updates was the conversion to aluminum wiring, bringing down material costs with improved operating efficiencies and performance.  Another feature of the approach was the use of metal-clad (MC) cabling wherever building codes permitted; this eliminated the need to place conduit and subsequently pull wire, etc. in favor of one step, better cost installations.

Morrissey Hall - Guarantee’s  precon and construction teams were able to complete the Morrissey renovation in under ten week, well ahead of the original deadlines.  In addition, with improved and expanded electrical systems the building is expected to accommodate the heavy utilization of its lecture and training capabilities at lower costs in energy.  Finishing Morrissey quickly, provided extra time to address the complexities of the Shannon Hall upgrade to a fully capable STEM facility.

Shannon Hall - The Shannon Hall implementation constituted a wholesale makeover of a conventional multi-use academic building into an advanced STEM facility.  Outfitted to support the “hard science” performed in Physics research and education, together with physical chemistry whose labs make up some the SLU’s heaviest users of energy-intensive STEM equipment, the Shannon facility involved substantial modernization of the buildings electrical and data systems.  Making use of Guarantee’s engineering and preconstruction resources, the Shannon facility was completed on budget and on schedule well within the original, accelerated time line.

Overall, the combined project involved 14,000 man hours without a lost time incident or injury.

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