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Robert V. Trout Hydro Power Plant

Location: Carter Lake, CO
Client: Poudre Valley River Electrical Cooperative
Size: $250,000

The Robert V. Trout Hydropower Plant, at Carter Lake on the East Slope,provides hydroelectric power to the Poudre River Valley rural electric cooperative. As the newest hydro plant in the Colorado Big Thompson system of power plants, the Robert Trout facility on Carter Lake is the last in a line of plants generating 770 million watts of renewable energy per year. Guarantee’s team from its Colorado branch provided the electrical infrastructure for the plant’s twin turbine system. This included wiring the two1300 kW turbines, as well as the lighting and control systems for the entire 3000 sq. ft. powerhouse. The plant installation included provision of backup power serving the plant from two 480 volt diesel generators, and including the provision of a six hundred foot utility feed supplying hydro power to the Poudre River REA’s rural cooperative system.

The design provided by Black & Veetch was executed and installed by Guarantee per plans and specifications. Our approach enabled us to meet milestone dates and to bring in the overall project according to schedule.

Project tasks performed from preconstruction through installation, testing and commissioning included the following:

The project included construction of the distribution system including management and installation of a 600 ft. system of underground duct banks (concrete encased) connecting the hydro plant’s outbound electrical feeds to the Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association system of power plants. Installed exposed rigid conduit throughout the 3,000 sq. ft. turbine facility.

The project called for setting, installing and overseeing testing of the 15 KV medium voltage switchgear with two generator step-up (GSU) transformers linking the Trout generation station with the Poudre River transmission network. This included wiring two control cabinets serving the turbines, as well as a 125 VDC Battery System including charger, batteries, distribution panel and a DC/AC inverter. Serving the power station itself, Guarantee installed a 45 KVA lighting transformer with a 120/208 V control panel supporting the lighting system.

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