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Standard Sales Co. Distribution Center

Location: San Angelo, TX
Completed: 2004
Client: Standard Sales Co.
Size: 24,000 SF

A hat trick of prior successes achieved by Guarantee Electrical for Texas-based beer distributor Standard Sales Co., L.P., created the opportunity for Guarantee to serve on this fourth project.

Guarantee worked with general contractor, J.W. Cooper Construction Co., Inc., to provide complete electrical design and installation services for 22,000 square feet of warehouse space and a 2,000-square-foot office in San Angelo, Texas. Guarantee previously provided electrical design-build services for three other Standard Sales distribution facilities in Alamosa, Texas and in the Colorado cities of Pueblo and Littleton.
With deep expertise in design-build electrical services for beer distribution facilities, Guarantee provided specialized electrical design, installation and construction of truck dock equipment, refrigerated cooler areas, and truck wash and maintenance areas. Guarantee also installed a 30- to 50-foot-candle lighting system in the product storage area and aisles.

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