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The Orion Apartments

Location: St. Louis, MO
Client: Mills Properties
Size: $4,600,000

The City Walk Apartments (now known as The Orion Apartments) is a 7-story, 177 unit, upscale apartment complex with surrounding 7-story garage located in the Central West End district in St. Louis city. Apartments range from 1-3 bedrooms and feature on-site amenities including a fitness center, swimming pool, concierge, clubhouse and complete ADA accessibility.

Originally a plan & spec proposal, the project came in over budget. Guarantee Electrical was able to offer many value engineering ideas to the owner (Mills Properties) and General Contractor (S.M. Wilson) providing significant cost-savings. Some of the cost savings came through redesigning of risers, resizing of generators, redesigning lighting, redesigning power requirements and revising circuiting. Additionally, the location of the project provided for some unique challenges. With very little laydown, an on-site office was built in the basement and Guarantee’s pre-fabrication methodology and just-intime delivery approach were utilized heavily. Pre-fabrication included building electrical boxes for the garage deck pours, prefabricating whips, pipe bends and unit panels all reduced typical jobsite clutter. Adding to the complexity of the project, a different type of construction with
poured post-tension decks required Guarantee Electrical to approach the project differently as well.

Guarantee provided turnkey solutions on the entire project including; all site civil and underground electrical utilities which included rerouting existing Ameren UE underground power; all electrical power and lighting to the surrounding garage; all electrical power distribution and lighting to the apartment complex. Once civil work was completed GECO provided 2000 amp, 208V house service to the building as well as four meter center locations for power distribution. Additionally, Guarantee Electrical provided 480V to a Whole Foods Grocery Store located in the building.

Through daily project huddles and weekly “look-ahead” planning, Guarantee Electrical was able to provide the two year project with 11,000 hours of incident free construction.

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