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Centene Plaza

Location: Clayton, MO
Client: Centene Corporation
Size: $14,000,000

Befitting its standing as the first new office tower built in downtown Clayton, MO since 2001, Centene Plaza presents cutting edge electrical, communication and data technology infrastructure in its 17-story, 486,000 square foot expanse and companion 8-story parking structure. All three systems were installed by Guarantee as well as all electrical on the tenant interior space for Armstrong Teasdale and the new Centene Corporate Headquarters.

Given the complex needs of the owner and multiple tenant customers, Guarantee made abundant use of its Project Life Cycle Methodology by using daily and weekly “Look-Ahead” project planning to ensure project and budget milestones were met and monitored as designs changed. Additionally, this allowed for multiple trades to work around each other on the fast tracked project.

Providing a turnkey design build electrical package on the Centene Plaza project was a terriffic lesson on what could be accomplished with a very large project and a very short delivery time. In fact there were several different packages on the entire project. Beginning with GECO Engineering and Pre-Construction working closely with the Clayco, HOK, Koman Group team, it became quickly apparent the 486,000 square foot building in the middle of downtown Clayton, MO would need an electrical contractor who could perform consistently on multiple levels including initial design and engineering, Value Analysis/Value Engineering, GMP budget management and implementing LEAN construction principles to assist in achieving the desired LEED rating. Guarantee was contracted to provide all infrastructure and civil electrical, power distribution on the shell/core, power distribution for construction, Thre, security systems, CCTV, lighting controls and card access for the building. In addition to providing all electrical and systems on the shell/core, GECO provided all tenant interior electrical and systems for the Centene Corporation Headquarters and Armstrong Teasdale tenant offices in the building. Lastly, GECO handled all of the inground design lighting for Plaza Garden located outside of the high-rise commercial building.

Guarantee completed the electrical package for the shell/core and Plaza in 15 months and the tenant interior electrical work on the Centene Headquarters and Armstrong Teasdale offices in 9 months for a total turnaround time on the entire project of 24 months. The building earned LEED CS V2.0 certification and the St. Louis Business Journal 2010 Heavy Hitters in Commercial Real Estate Award.

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