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Town of Ault Wastewater Treatment Upgrade

Location: Ault, Colorado
Client: Town of Ault
Size: $700,000

Guarantee Electrical Company (GECO) provided the electrical systems needed to upgrade the Town of Ault’s waste-water treatment plant (WWTP) from a holding pond lagoon system to a full scale headworks facility involving multi-process treatment as well as a two channel Ultra-Violet Disinfection process. The installation was a chance to bring substantial improvement in both the quality and the capacity of the wastewater treatment in a historically underserved rural community.  Guarantee was pleased to provide a new electrical service sized to handle the expansion including new switches and an array of transformers to supply and step down power to the processing stations, including additional utility feeds, as well as a new 100 KW generator with comparable transfer switch for emergency back-up.   The comparative remoteness of the Ault location added to challenges associated with building out a small scale but comprehensive multi-process wastewater treatment facility. In addition to the electrical installation, GECO Colorado’s team of seasoned electricians provided some modest design assistance and project management support, helping the team as a whole to stay on budget and schedule.

Making use of Guarantee’s in-slab distribution approach within the main-building enabled the team to front-load placement of the lion’s share of conduit for the project, providing in-ground distribution throughout the WWTP campus.  This accelerated implementation generally. It also enabled the team to supply permanent power early in the project which helped to control costs and simplify on-site logistics.

With a limited budget, working in close coordination with general contractor Filanc Construction, GECO’s team of veteran wastewater specialists were able to expedite a fully outfitted treatment facility in a year’s time.  The location dictated using prefabrication and prestaging as much of the work as possible, including pre bundled wire-pulls, pre-bent conduit and pre-cut raceway supports, etc.

Completed in a year’s time, the wholesale expansion project has brought the Town of Ault’s wastewater processing capacity to over 380,000 gallons per day, more than doubling original throughput.  Moreover, working at maximum efficiency, the project was completed with zero accidents or lost time incidents.

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