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Mount Vernon Township High School

Location: Mount Vernon, Illinois
Client: McCarthy Building Companies
Size: $9.5 Million

Mt. Vernon Township High School (MTVHS) is more than a new high school.  In  addition to the traditional curriculum, the students have an opportunity to excel in STEM, Arts & Music, Television/Video production, and Vocational studies in the uniquely shaped 309,500 square foot facility. From a bird’s eye view, the design for the complex appears similar to the “Starship Enterprise” which required significant creative forces be applied during electrical engineering, BIM modeling and Trimble layout.  Additionally, in todays modern education institutions, technology plays a major role in the functionality of the building to enhance the parallel learning and student safety environments.
The turnkey electrical project including electrial engineering, design-assist, electrical construction, systems implementation and site civil electrical installation.  From the outset, GECO Engineering played a critical role as the Electrical Engineer of Record (EEOR) working with the Architectural and Design team to best design for the current needs as well as to provide design-assistance for adapting for future growth and technologies.  Modeling and preconstruction design-assist planning helped general contractor McCarthy to successfully coordinate the MEP for the new school.  GECO’s time tested electrical prefabrication methodology proved instrumental in providing “just-in-time” delivery on an “as-ready” basis, reduced clutter on the job site thereby reducing the potential for injuries and saving money on waste haul-off.

Installation of site civil utilities and providing temporary power to the site, allowed for many different trades to begin working congruently to get the shell-core under roof very quickly.  In addition to providing all electrical construction to the new school, Guarantee Electrical installed mutli-channel dimming systems for the theatrical and house lighting, power connections to the 300 seat lighting, and power for the motors driving the curtain tracks in the high-tech theater.  

Not all of the work performed was “under roof”.  GECO installed all of the football field sports lighting, which included four 70 foot tall poles with MUSCO LED sports lights

Utilizing GECO Engineering to lay out over 700 points for underground conduit resulted in 99.9% accuracy across the entire campus. Additionally, the use of factory assembles in our prefab shop allowed the project to speed up during installation.

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