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Thorpe Distributing Co.

Location: Rogers, MN
Completed: 2005
Client: Thorpe Distributing
Size: 92,000 SF

Guarantee Electrical brought a wealth of beer distribution facility expertise to Thorpe Distributing for its new 92,000-square-foot beer distribution facility in Rogers, Minn., northwest of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Guarantee applied its extensive knowledge of electrical power requirements and standards to completing the $775,000 design-build electrical construction project. 

Thorpe Distributing won the advantages of Guarantee’s long-term relationship with Anheuser-Busch InBev as Guarantee designed systems to meet the exacting brand specifications of the worldwide beer maker. Among the new facilities were a refrigerated cooler area and climate-controlled warehouse space. To help meet warehouse safety standards, Guarantee installed a 30- to 50-foot-candle lighting system for the product storage area and aisles. Key team members included Holleran-Duitsman Architects and Opus Northwest Construction, general contractor.

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