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St. Louis University Spring Hall systems

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Client: McCarthy Building Companies
Size: $9.5 Million

With a first floor combining traditional classrooms as well as a unique, amphitheater-like indoor/outdoor classroom space with  faculty office space, kitchen and dining areas, St. Louis University’s Spring Residence Hall presented a host of challenges to Guarantee’s Systems team.   Tasked with calibrating both surveillance camera system and access control automation with traditional IP based voice data connectivity, GECO Systems also provided ubiquitous wireless access, etc. in an environment of open, essentially public access providing 24/7 physical availability. The building’s security requirements needed to be both comprehensive and entirely unobtrusive, needing above all to not feel in any way oppressive or “heavy-handed.”  This was to be student living at its best with security that’s essentially invisible. 

As with most urban university environments, an eight-story mixed classroom/dormitory building is by definition a “heavy-user” of data rich technologies, supplying bandwidth for those serving a residential population of users of portable computing and smart phone systems in addition to providing traditional connectivity to classrooms and faculty offices as well as a robust platform for a building control systems, as well as those supplying security, access control and video surveillance.

With the building’s formidable array of applications, GECO’s System’s project management spent time with university administrators as well as faculty and technical staff discussing priorities and gathering user input regarding capacity requirements as well as the types and range of technologies to be supported by systems in the building itself as well as those communicating with St. Louis University’s wide area network.

Guarantee Systems provided the voice-data and security infrastructure for St. Louis University’s new eight story residence hall serving first and second year undergraduates located on Grand Avenue at Laclede.  The $1.5 million project, contracted direct to McCarthy Building Companies, is a mixed-use residence with classroom facilities and designed according to exacting LEED Silver standards.  As brand new construction, the systems portion of the project involved a complete menu of state-of-the-art technologies with ubiquitous wireless integration throughout.  With respect to access control, the eight floor installation encompassed a 500 door access control system; including roughly 56 card-access locks per residence floor and 112 access controlled doors per each of the four data closets in the building.  Systems distribution was achieved using a design that involved three separate risers serving traditional tele-data, access security and video infrastructure respectively, assuring both efficient construction as well as providing a greater degree of resilience in event of emergency on SLU’s large urban campus.

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