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IBM Business Continuity Resiliency Services (BCRS) Facility

Location: Boulder, Colorado
Client: IBM
Size: $2.5 Million

IBMs 30,000 square foot Building #2 BCRS facility presented a set of  remarkable physical and logistical challenges including, the sheer scale of the implementation, an ultra-fast track 25 week schedule and working in the building’s 30 foot high ceiling space and below the raised floor of an existing, fully operational data center.  In addition, with roughly half of the building in full-time use, negotiating the existing duct work and piping required use of an ingenious “leap-frog” construction methodology that called for erecting and demounting scaffolding as the electricians proceeded, threading and feeding 3 parallel runs of 4 inch GRC conduit across roughly 1800 feet of ceiling space. This also meant observing a rigorous fall protection safety protocol.  The Guarantee teams were formed around 4 man crews, with two atop the scaffolding and two on the floor to supply ten foot “sticks” of GRC conduit. This approach working successfully for both the medium voltage conduit installation and for the placement of  415 lighting fixtures that were installed throughout Building #2’s 90,000 square foot area.  The lighting was installed in just four days, again using scaffolds and 4-person teams to hoist and supply and then wire the fixtures into place.

Our Work
In its execution, Guarantee construction managers developed and utilized an ingenious approach to working in a crowded, thirty foot high space that proved to be both highly effective and safe.  This was no small accomplishment, considering the physical demands on the crews given that each 10 foot “stick” 4” GRC conduit weighs 100 lbs. and where the ceiling mounted junction boxes could weigh in as much as 400 lbs. requiring great care in hoisting and placement using a scissor-jack and then attached using heavy-duty 1 5/8” unistrut.  

Guarantee planned and orchestrated a traditional plan and spec installation while making abundant use of its considerable preconstruction resources, including Building Information Modeling (BIM) to provide clash protection as the team orchestrated a carefully staged build out of a new redundant electrical system.  Working both above the ceiling and below the raised floor, Guarantee brought a highly effective approach to delivering complex electrical construction in a fully operational data center.

The project was completed on schedule and on budget.  Hospital management was impressed with our professional approach and we believe thru our efforts we have built a relationship with them that will last for years to come. 

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