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SuperValu® Lighting Retrofit Project

Location: Various, St. Louis, Missouri
Client: SuperValu
Size: $500,000

The retrofit on behalf of the SuperValu® chain of Shop-N-Save stores evolved into a 22 location turnkey project that was successful enough to encourage the company to proceed with an additional 13 locations over the balance of 2017. An additional consequence of the smooth completion of the retrofit project is an opportunity for GECO Quick Response (QR) team to bid on a separate maintenance contract through Minneapolis based Action Services to handle general electrical work on behalf of SuperValu’s® St. Louis Shop-N-Save locations.

Working through the Energy Management Collaborative, Guarantee’s QR team delivered a LED Lighting retrofit to 16 of Shop-N-Save stores in the SuperValu chain of grocery stores operating in the St. Louis region. Using two crews of four lighting specialists, GECO performed store-wide lighting retrofits replacing 32 Watt florescent lights with 17 Watt T8 LED lamps, which in most of the locations were able to use existing ballasts, resulting in over 45 percent net reduction in energy consumption with comparable or improved lighting quality.

Proceeding store by store, working on 12 hour night shifts, the two GECO teams honed their approach to the retrofit process, enabling them on average to convert all the florescent units in each location in three to four nights, depending on store size, so that in most cases they were able to move rapidly through customer frequented and warehouse areas of each store in under a week at each location.

As one of the largest grocery chains in the Midwest, SuperValu® Inc. represents a substantial ongoing opportunity for maintenance work as a consequence of a highly professional and cost effective lighting conversion project. Completed entirely at night through the holidays and immediately after the new year, the aggressive timeline was met handily, setting the stage for a continuing successful and direct engagement with
a terrific, active client.

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