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Rocky Mountain Bottling Company

Location: Wheatridge, Colorado
Completed: April 2011
Client: Lilja Corp

Renovation of the Glass Furnace as part of a larger rebuild Rocky Mountain’s glass bottle manufacturing facility supplying Miller/Coors brewing, bottle production.

Within a narrow 45 day outage window, the GECO Colorado team completed a full scale rebuilding/rewiring of Rocky Mountain Bottling’s glass furnace, installing 15 new electrode/heating units, including adding clear bottle production via installation of a flint conveyor line together with a replacement of the cold-end conveyor with modifications to the Batch Plant.  Project included rewiring of the furnace controls, lighting upgrades throughout facility, with a complete rewiring of the plant’s bottle machine.

The aggressive project schedule called for running two shifts for the duration of the project.  To support that timeline, Guarantee utilized its advanced prefabrication resources, which involved deploying pre-assembled modules for the cabling, components and conduit trays, etc. which contributed to completing the rebuild within the 45 day window. Preplanning and prefab of cable trays and conduit were essential to the project, which involved pulling a great deal of heavy cable.

GECO’s pre-planning, prefabrication know-how together with speed and consistent, reliable quality electrical construction have made the bottling team out of Denver a force to be reckoned with in the glass bottling industry nationwide.  

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