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St. Louis College of Pharmacy Student Housing, Recreation and Fitness Centers

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Client: St. Louis College of Pharmacy

The St. Louis College of Pharmacy (STLCOP) Student Housing, Recreation and Fitness Centers project was Phase II of three phases of a campus wide transformation improving the educational landscape of St. Louis medicine.  As part of the second phase of this transformation, a new 193,000 square foot, seven story mixed use building  serves the College of Pharmacy student’s needs.  The building consists of a 220 bed dormitory, gymnasium and fitness center, student dining facility and support offices. Following on the heels of the Phase I STLCOP educational building, GECO was again selected to be the electrical construction and systems contractor thereby keeping the continuity of the original team intact from the Phase I project.

The STLCOP Phase II project was, in a sense, identical to the Phase I project in that it was a showcase in Design-Build, turnkey, electrical engineering, electrical demolition, electrical construction and systems installation, albeit for a different purpose than the educational center.   

It was very important to the owner that following the success of Phase I, the entire team be kept intact to provide seamless transition to Phase II.  Working as the turnkey electrical contractor, after demolition to the existing Whelpley Hall was complete GECO immediately brought temporary electrical power to the new construction site as well as relocation of existing underground fiber.  Being in a tight urban construction setting, it was critical that GECO’s electrical design, BIM modeling and prefabrication capabilities allow for just in time delivery for all of the dorm room electrical needs, reducing jobsite laydown and clutter.  

Today’s modern dorm rooms allow for all of the amenities of an urban apartment.  To accommodate these needs, the building consists of full 4000 amp service, a 400kW generator and LED lighting throughout, as well as all of the technological and campus safety needs for students.  As such GECO Systems was responsible for installation of all card access, card reader alerts, fire alarm, paging, CCTV, Coax TV, Phone/Data and mass notification required to meet such demands In fact, the gymansium has competition gymnasium quality 2x4 LED fixtures.  

For it’s part Guarantee Electrical Company completed the project on time, on budget and without any lost time incidents.  

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