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North Colorado Medical Center Endovascular Hybrid OR

Location: Greenly, CO
Client: Banner Health
Size: 2,000 man-hours

High-Tech Operating Room at North Colorado Medical Center Cuts Treatment Time & Costs

Patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery (MIS) at North Colorado Medical Center (NCMC) can now receive a diagnosis and treatment in a single visit thanks, in part, to Guarantee Electrical. In 2009 the hospital’s management company, Banner Health, partnered with Guarantee to transform one of NCMC’s standard operating rooms into an endovascular hybrid operating room (OR).

The state-of-the-art, hybrid OR streamlines the diagnosis and treatment process by providing surgical teams with immediate access to electronic patient records, imaging equipment and endoscopic surgical tools within the operating suite. Efficiencies advanced by the OR result in faster recovery times for patients and lower surgery costs.

Guarantee applied 3D BIM technology to design and configure the intricate electrical systems of the OR. Working against an aggressive 60-day timeline that included several pre-scheduled blackouts, it also coordinated installations with various equipment manufacturers. Major electrical installations included:

  • Isolation panes to guard against power surges that could threaten hospital operations
  • Overhead lighting
  • Audio-visual equipment and image capture systems
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) panels
  • Emergency panels
  • Ceiling-mounted endoscopic surgical tools
  • X-ray equipment

Guarantee was required to build the new OR while other surgical suites on the same floor remained active. To maintain a sterile working environment for the surgical teams still in practice, Guarantee set up mobile infectious containment control vents to help confine dust and other potentially dangerous contaminants to the construction area.

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