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Agrotain International St. Louis Urea Center

Location: St. Louis, MO
Completed: 2008
Client: Agrotain International

Surging demand for nitrogen-rich fertilizers produced by Agrotain International prompted construction of the firm’s new urea production plant at the nation’s largest inland urea import terminal. Guarantee Electrical provided fast-track, design-build electrical construction services for the firm’s St. Louis Urea Center. The center features expanded facilities for handling up to one million tons of imported urea each year and enlarged storage facilities capable of housing up to 63,000 tons of fertilizer.

As electrical contractor, Guarantee provided design, construction and electrical services on the $14 million urea processing plant, located along the Mississippi River in downtown St. Louis. Electrical work began in March 2008 and completed six months later in September 2008. At peak production, up to 30 electricians and multiple foremen coordinated installations on the site.

The St. Louis Urea Center is the world’s only facility producing Agrotain’s patented stabilized nitrogen product, using raw materials from as far away as Egypt. As one of the base elements of fertilizer, urea has applications in the agricultural, home and commercial lawn, and golf course sectors. The company previously contracted with third-party facilities for proprietary manufacture of its specialty fertilizer. With this facility, Agrotain transferred production to internal resources, within yards of the nation’s largest inland urea import terminal.

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