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Denver Metro Wastewater Reclamation District Upgrade, Phase I

Location: Denver, CO
Completed: 2011
Client: Denver Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
Size: 61,000 man-hours

Filtration and Monitoring Upgrades Bringing Cleaner Water to Colorado Residents

In 2008, the Denver Metro Wastewater Reclamation District began a 10-year, $1 billion upgrade and expansion to improve the quality of water for 1.5 million residents.  In its role as electrical contractor, Guarantee Electrical is installing all electrical infrastructures in Phase I of the project, a four-year, $46 million upgrade of the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility, the district’s central plant.

Given the key role the plant plays in the wastewater treatment system – it processes more than 160 million gallons of wastewater daily for discharge into the South Platte River – it is imperative that it remain in operation throughout construction. Guarantee has been tasked with keeping the facility fully functional during the safe installation of major equipment and intricate integration into the existing facility.

“Unanticipated power outages will cost Metro over $20,000 for the additional energy required to restart critical equipment,” said David Zaccagnini, Guarantee project manager. “We are working closely with the owner and design engineers to minimize their impact through careful planning, coordination, and completion of tasks within the owner’s schedule.”  

All primary and secondary control buildings on the campus are to be linked by a fiber optic network being modified by Guarantee to enable technicians to monitor water quality and adjust chemical treatments from a single control center. Factoring for the highly corrosive environment, Guarantee is installing exterior raceways comprised of PVC-coated GRC conduit mounted with 316 stainless steel supports and hardware. GRC conduit and cable tray also make up interior raceways. Other major Phase I electrical construction elements include:

  • Replacement of the sludge collection and drive mechanisms with hydraulic suction header collectors, ducking skimmer scum system.
  • Installation of a new channel mixing system that includes two submersible pumps and submerged mixing nozzle headers.
  • Installation of 16 return activated sludge (RAS) pumps and variable frequency drives (VFDs).
  • The relocation of four existing floating mixers and the addition of two new mixers.  
  • Installation of 12 mixed liquor return (MLR) pumps and variable frequency drives (VFDs).
  • Installation of two waste activated sludge (WAS) pump stations.
  • Construction of two new transformer and switchgear complexes.
  • Replacement and modifications to HVAC systems in various buildings.

Thanks to efficiencies introduced by Guarantee and general contractor Garney Construction, the project is on pace to be completed nearly one year ahead of schedule.

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