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Ponnequin Wind Farm Service and Maintenance

Location: Colorado
Completed: 2009 -- present
Client: Xcel Energy

Service and Maintenance of Wind Farm Means Green Power for Thousands of Colorado Homes

In today’s era of heightened environmental sensitivity and corporate citizenship, Xcel Energy stands as a leader in harnessing the power of renewable resources. The company’s Ponnequin Wind Farm, built on desolate highlands 120 miles north of Denver, Colorado, is a model of green power production. Its 44 wind turbines generate up to 30 kilowatts of power – enough to reliably supply thousands of homes and businesses.  

Yet, new technology can be temperamental, requiring adjustments and repairs to maintain optimal efficiency. As Xcel increases the amount of electricity it generates from the wind, it is relying on Guarantee Electrical for emergency repairs and maintenance.

To best harness the gusty winds that traverse the remote site just south of the Wyoming border, the turbines at Ponnequin sit atop 213-foot towers. Consequently, Guarantee crews must hoist equipment, materials and tools more than 21 stories to the turbine’s nacelle where instrumentation and power generation equipment is found.

“Every moment a turbine is down costs Xcel thousands of dollars and threatens to disrupt service to Colorado residents,” said Jeremy Wilson, Guarantee project manager. “That is why our service and maintenance team is prepared to spring into action 24/7 to diagnose and solve problems.”   

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