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Federal Reserve Bank Security

Location: St. Louis, MO
Completed: 2006
Client: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis tapped GECO Systems and Guarantee Electrical to relocate and install the vital security and camera systems that were part of a nearly $80 million renovation and expansion project.

Established in 1914 after creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis supervises more than 550 bank holding companies, nearly 100 state member banks and more than 50 bank holding companies. Its systems needed to support such high security processes as average daily processing of three to four million check transactions, several million dollars of Federal Reserve Notes (paper money), and more than 520,000 wire transfers totaling more than $2.1 trillion.

The most recent documents plotting the Federal Reserve Bank’s security systems’ layout were more than 20 years old. Guarantee located the existing security wiring and cameras. Once recorded, the team began relocating the wiring and installing the new systems requiring coordination of the low-voltage technicians and electricians.

The new security center is located in a blast-proof room with reinforced concrete walls. A new video board allows security personnel to simultaneously monitor camera views on high-definition television screens for coverage of all areas of the bank, where more than 900 employees work. The system provides greater versatility and superior resolution, plus the added feature of recording systems for archiving images.

One of 12 Federal Reserve Banks in the country, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis territory covers most of eastern Missouri and southern Illinois, plus all of Arkansas and portions of Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. Volk Construction Co. served as general contractor and Cannon Design as architect.

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