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Digital Realty Colocation Build-Out

Location: St. Louis, MO
Client: Clune Construction

Digital Realty’s (DR) Colocation Build-Out and Level 12 implementation involved building out of the electrical infrastructure for the top floors of DR’s 210 N. Tucker facility, providing redundant power and utility backup service to the eleventh through the fifteenth floor colocation centers. 

Guarantee's development of BIM 3-D modeled construction drawings, aided by set points derived from the company’s Trimble technology, assured the GECO Digital Realty crew was able to provide fast, zero-error installations.  In addition, the confined ceiling space available for routing conduit created challenges preserving sufficient room for the cooling and mechanical systems needed to serve the data infrastructure on the adjacent floors.  These space limitations coupled with the size, weight and quantity of equipment–all of which had to be hoisted by crane to the upper floors of 210 N. Tucker—created a host of logistical and engineering challenges in getting the equipment moved safely and set into place on each of the floors involved in the build-out.  In a number of cases tolerances within fractions of inches had to be negotiated.  

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