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Du Quoin Industrial Park Solar Array

Location: Du Quoin, Illinois
Client: City of Du Quoin

Guarantee’s Illinois Branch provided the construction services installing a new 408 panel solar array at the city of Du Quoin’s Industrial Park, capable of producing up to 100 kilowatts of power. The solar facility provides power directly to companies located in the industrial park at no cost to these businesses. Guarantee’s design places a micro-inverter with each solar panel, thereby allowing the city to scale the array at will to manage access and distribution to the participating businesses.

Site preparation called for in-ground conduit to three separate buildings and included grading and preparing the gravel array pad as well as perimeter fencing to secure the site. The principal challenge on this project involved designing the solar array to produce and distribute power to multiple users and locations. This involved running power from the micro-inverters associated with each panel to a centralized switching box with three 112 kva transformers that provide expandable centralized control and distribution of power in increments of 5kW to the three buildings currently subscribed to the system. Guarantee then ran
conduit as needed to feed and manage power allocation to the industrial users in the member facilities.


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