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Systems Installation - St. Louis Art Museum

Location: St. Louis, MO
Client: St. Louis Art Museum
Size: $2,000,000

Guarantee’s dedication to precision and invisibility also marked the deployment of the Museum’s upgraded security and communications infrastructure.  In this case, Guarantee’s systems team was tasked to manage the design, relocation, expansion and installation of a new, substantially more robust voice-data and security network to operate at 10 gigabit speed. 

With equipment supplied by Johnson Controls, the  Museum’s enhanced environmental control systems  were dimensioned to provide temperature controls supporting the combined assets of 21 new galleries and new retail, as well as all the existing galleries, offices and theater space in the original 1903 Cass Gilbert building.  In addition, the new 10 gigabit speed voice-data network was designed to provide network capacity to support the entire communications system as well as the physical infrastructure of the combined, renovated museum properties.

The network head-end and management console were placed in a specially outfitted data room tucked invisibly away and atop 3 stories of underground space provided for visitor parking below the new addition.  The new control room was cabled and equipped with a state-of-the-technology flat-screen video wall, designed to enable the security team to monitor and manage the security of every square foot of the entire Museum encompassing both the galleries in the new addition as well as those in the existing Cass Gilbert building.

All of the security/data systems relocation work had to be accomplished so that the new infrastructure could replace the existing security network even as the latter remained in continual use right up to the moment of cutover.  The goal and the challenge was to execute a turnkey Museum security cutover seamlessly with zero diminished coverage.  Following six weeks of “reconnaissance” to map the entirety of the Museum’s security infrastructure, the Guarantee Systems team then re-cabled the entirety of the Museum’s existing infrastructure, wiring new cabinets in the data room while upgrading the existing network, section by section, to a high speed CAT-6 and CAT-7 system capable of running at 10 gigabit speeds throughout.

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