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Streets of St. Charles

Location: St. Charles, Missouri
Client: Brinkmann Constructors
Size: $6,500,000

Streets of St. Charles (SOSC)  is a 1.5-million-square-foot mixed-use development project on 26 acres south of Interstate 70.  The recently completed fourth phase of the SOSC project added AMC’s eight-screen multiplex movie theater to the complex, that includes a three-story, 100,000-square-foot office building with ground-floor retail, including the uniquely designed 1,250-space parking garage, and a five-story, 400,000-square-foot apartment building with ground-floor restaurants and additional  retail space.   Working as the electrical design-build partner with Brinkmann Constructors, Guarantee Electrical Co. served as the electrical and systems contractor for all four projects.

Provided power and lighting to the 100,000 SF office building, featuring ground floor retail

LED lighting system serving the uniquely designed (partially below ground), 1,250 space multi-level garage
Provided electrical services to each of the 309 units in the five story, 400,000 square foot apartment building
Provided lighting and controls as well as the sound system infrastructure serving AMC’s eight-screen multi-plex

Guarantee Electrical Co. became a constant team member on all four building projects, working on the office building, the residential building, the garage, and the movie theater. The first three projects were design/build electrical projects.  Among the features of Guarantee’s design effort involved a uniquely simple, yet dramatic up-lighting scheme (seen in the photo above) that produced an elegant exterior effect as well as proving highly cost-effective.

On the office building, Guarantee designed and installed the building and tenant electrical service.  On the systems side, GECO provided card access, CCTV (closed circuit television) service, and voice and data service. The project also called for an integrated fire-alarm system running throughout the complex over an advanced fiber-optic network, that serves additionally as the high-speed backbone for networking both the office building and the five story residential property.

For the five story residential apartment building, Guarantee provided and installed power in each of the 309 apartment units, together with voice-data, fire alarm, and CCTV service to the five floors.  In the parking garage, we installed lighting, power, and carbon monoxide detectors along with heat sensors for the fire alarm system.

In addition to finishing ahead of schedule, Guarantee was able to develop a highly cost effective approach to delivering a convenient, highly attractive mixed use facility.  The handsome lighting systems design conveys an upscale ambience that, along with the convenient layout of the  residential to commercial/retail space, had led to 90 percent occupancy to date of the residential apartments.  In all, the Streets of St. Charles projects reflect the strong design-build collaboration and integration of effort between the owner, Cullinan Properties, Brinkmann Constructors and Guarantee (electrical & systems).  Even though the project evolved more or less piecemeal over its three years, the team managed to achieve a remarkable sense of campus-like integration that has furthered its upscale ambience and the marketability of the SOSC complex, especially for the residential units.

On the construction management side, there were numerous solutions that led to cost savings. Among these was the utilization of the fiber optic network to support a host of digital technologies throughout the facilities.   For example, due to the height of internal spaces and multi-level nature of the construction, it was necessary to bring in boom lifts to install the lighting systems, which in the new theater space meant constructing temporary ramps that could accommodate moving and placing the lifts from level to level.  The end result was a fast, safe installation capping a three year effort that has been completed with no lost time incidents or injuries over the duration of the project.

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