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Laclede Groves Independent Living Center

Location: St. Louis, MO
Client: Paric Corporation
Size: $2,000,000

In many ways, the Laclede Groves (LG) project was a conventional residential construction project augmented by the addition of a layer of resources for skilled nursing characterized by a sophisticated interactive emergency-call and a variety of life-safety systems integrated into a luxury independent living environment with easy segue into  assisted living and residential care.  Guarantee provided design-build services that involved preconstruction services, wiring, lighting and voice-data cabling for an 80 unit addition to the LG’s existing Town-Center.  

The Laclede Groves Independent Living addition featured sustainable day lighting features as well as an array of lighting and communications systems suitable for a luxury residential environment.  The goal for the facility was creation of a seamless continuity of care environment supported by interactive communications in which all the best features of independent living could be maintained alongside convenient access to more intensive residential care, as residents’ needs evolve.  Guarantee’s communications services also extended to life-safety and security with card access for external doors, closed circuit television (CCTV), a networked fire alarm system and a wireless emergency call service.

As a design-build project, Guarantee provided preconstruction services, electrical installation, including lighting of common areas as well as rough-in services for electrical wiring in the units, along with significant voice-data systems cabling, pulling CAT 5e cabling into 13 data closets across the extended LG campus.  


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