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Guarantee Electrical Company is an electrical design and construction provider with deep experience in data center construction with special skills in the design and delivery of 2N redundant systems with corresponding ease of manageability.  At Guarantee, we understand that enterprise demand for processing power is likely to grow continually in the coming years, requiring substantial additional capacity over time.  Hence, the importance of designing scalability into the facility’s electrical and systems infrastructure, that includes redundancy of power sources, with additional back up in the form of UPS with supplemental power generation, etc.  

Secure and efficient data centers are essential for successful operations across all business platforms. Guarantee Electrical Company has been designing and building these critical electronic information processing and storage centers for more than 30 years – pre-dating the rise of personal computers.

As data center technology and operational demands have advanced, so has our expertise. Guarantee has provided electrical services for two of the most energy efficient data centers in the nation. Clients tap the ever-expanding capabilities of Guarantee for preconstruction, engineering, construction and maintenance of high-demand data centers with:

  • Power infrastructure
  • Power redundancy
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Power panels
  • Distribution systems
  • Emergency power generators
  • Sustainable and alternative energy options

Guarantee’s experience spans the configuration and installation of data cabinets and racks, cable pathways and trays, lighting systems, cooling solutions and other components of advanced, mission-critical data centers. Our close working partnerships with IT professionals and their suppliers help us deliver innovative, energy-efficient solutions to power your data demands.

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