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In today’s healthcare market, it’s not just competition that makes you a better performer.  It’s also the level of performance required just to be in the game.  Hospital administrators and healthcare networks need to contractor's that can support their complex, rapidly advancing medical technologies.  At Guarantee Electrical Company, this healthcare performance imperative has shaped our entire approach to electrical and systems contracting.

Just as complicated surgery requires the unique skills of top-notch medical specialists, constructing the complex electrical systems that breathe life into today’s new hospitals and medical facilities requires a unique expertise that only comes with experience.

In the last decade alone, Guarantee Electrical Company has contributed its expertise, creativity and energy to nearly 200 healthcare projects – ranging from new concept grassroots hospitals and complex facilities for new technology to exacting renovations and expansions to hospitals, health facilities and long-term nursing centers. 

In every case, our engineers, designers and construction professionals bring exceptional value to the team, whether as design-build or construction-only partners. With preconstruction services that speed early detection of facility and coordination issues and provide unique insights to better anticipate the future, healthcare owners and their construction team members value the precise planning, building and systems skills of Guarantee.

When you seek electrical and systems solutions to guard your facility’s long-term health, trust Guarantee.

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