Safety Culture

Our zero injuries safety culture is active and visible at Guarantee. 

Each employee completes safety orientation at time of hire – before ever stepping onto a Guarantee jobsite.

  • Mandatory daily on-site safety meetingsbring total team attention to each day’s hazards. Led by an OSHA-trained supervisor or manager, these daily safety reviews engage the entire Guarantee crew, call attention to relevant safety hazards and review techniques to work safely.
  • Site foremen provide job-specific safety instruction on location, beginning the first day.
  • Individualized Job Safety Analysis is completed for every work function for all shutdown work, generating plans with job steps, potential accidents or hazards, and recommended safe job procedures -- reviewed, discussed and presented as a written plan of action to fully guard against exposure to live voltage. 
  • Frequent safety audits are conducted by in-house and third party safety consultants.
  • Quarterly Executive Safety Committee meetings are conducted to assess accident trends and implement policies for continuous safety improvement.
  • Quarterly Executive Management Team safety performance reviews are performed. Guarantee’s leadership team immediately addresses any changes or reinforcements needed to reach our goal of zero injuries. 
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