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BIM Modeling + Virtual Design and Construction


Bringing Projects To Life


Guarantee Electrical Company’s Preconstruction team integrates constructability analysis into every project. We collect ideas from industry professionals blending the use of technology with practical knowledge of the built environment to improve installations and reduce costs.

Our GECO Engineering team then brings the building plans to life using Building Information Modeling (BIM), Revit® and now with Virtual Design (5D Simulation), the value of the recent combination of BIM and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) with Facilities Management (FM) allows for continuously perfecting the model from design right through fabrication and construction up to the point of publishing the “real-time” as-built drawings of the completed facility; so that ongoing building maintenance and operations stay consistent with the original design as constructed.  We are also able to combine detailed installation plans with onsite robotic modeling through Trimble GPS Navigation® technology.

Our modeling tools enhance collaboration, providing our team with the ability to proactively seek and use continuous and substantive feedback from clients, general contractors, subcontractors and other stakeholders so that we’re continually correcting and improving the accuracy and relevance of our internal processes, as well as contributing to the quality of the overall project. 

Along with the latest modeling technologies, lean construction methods are applied to facilitate working relationships with each trade, develop realistic build schedules and help eliminate system conflicts and costly surprises. The GECO Engineering team is also able to update changes from the office to the jobsite easily.