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IDEAL National Championship Elite Tradesman - Steven Oranchak, Valero Wireman

Posted on January 20, 2022 in: General News

IDEAL National Championship Elite Tradesman - Steven Oranchak, Valero Wireman

Steven Oranchak, Guarantee Electrical Wireman at Valero Refinery in Benecia, CA, was 1 of 130 electricians that competed in the IDEAL National Championship. Of the 130 people, Steven was 1 of 54 apprentices. Over 40,000 people across the US competed in qualifiers for the tournament.
The championship took place December 15th through 17th.  It consisted of 4 rounds of competition. Each round was a specific task that needed to be completed in an allotted time.
"The whole experience was amazing. I met some really great wireman from all over the country. It was really cool to be apart of that “elite tradesman” group. Ideal industries made it a point to recognize us for being electricians and when the world has been going through such a tough time that we kept the lights on and kept pushing forward," Oranchak shared. "IDEAL and the sponsors did a great job with the whole thing. Everything was scheduled and laid out. I was able to bring my wife and she was included in everything such as meals and the sponsor games."
Steven finished, "I would also like to say Thank You to Guarantee for sending me swag. I wore my Guarantee hat the entire time I was in Nashville, except during my competition time when I was required to wear a hard hat. After talking to other guys, none of their company’s did anything for them which made what you guys did that much more special and I truly appreciate it!"
Oranchak is part of the team that is on-site at the Valero Refinery in Benicia, CA. His superintendent, Ken Hoehn, added, "Steve has been a good apprentice for us. He has a great work attitude. We can trust him with any work assignment we give him that he is going to do it right or ask how to do it right. He definitely is a good person to have on our team.  We are proud of his effort and am glad he got to take part in the competition. What an experience for an apprentice. He is good for our industry."
Guarantee Electrical Company is proud of Steven Oranchak and happy to call him part of #TeamGECO!

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